This Chinese Pink Porsche Macan Imposter Is For Ladies Only

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Complete with personalized headrests.

When Zoyte Automobile launched its T700, Porsche was so incensed at the blatant Macan rip-off, it considered taking legal action against the Chinese carmaker. Unfortunately for them, and the likes of Jaguar Land Rover who wanted to sue Landwind for its Range Rover Evoque clone, it's almost impossible to enforce copyright law in China. Clearly Porsche had no joy on the legal front, as Zoyte has continued to pump out Macan lookalikes, with the recently unveiled SR9 – a $16,000 knockoff of the German crossover.

With the Auto Shanghai set to open its doors later this month, the carmaker has revealed this hideous creation, dubbed the 'Nunsheng.' According to CarNewsChina, the word translates as 'Goddess' and is used to refer to celebrities with a more wider meaning as 'a woman admired by others.' As well as being unashamedly pink both outside and in the cabin, where the dash, gearshift lever, center console, and door panels are coated in a shocking shade of pink and contrasted with pink-stitched cream white leather seats, owners of the SR9 Nunsheng will be able to have their initials embroidered into the headrest.

Zoyte has priced the special edition SR9 at around $26,000, and like the rest of the range it will come powered by a 190-hp 2.0-liter turbo. We'll be sure to look out for this, and other copycats, when we visit the Auto Shanghai on April 19 and 20.

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