This City Has Installed $2 Million Worth Of Traffic Cameras Inside Giant Green Columns

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Gotta keep things "aesthetically pleasing" now don't we?

Say what you will about traffic cameras, but the fact is an increasing number of local governments are installing them in the US. Many cities throughout the globe are doing the same. But this Arizona town has come up with a sneaky yet, shall we say, prickly method to not only install those cameras, but also hide them. The local Fox affiliate of Paradise Valley, Arizona, is reporting the town has begun to install traffic cameras in fake cactus plants. Call them "cact-eyes" if you will. Or giant green dicks.

Townies, who had no clue of the $2 million giant dick plan, watched as workers erected the fake cacti with cameras installed inside at a roundabout and a few other locations. City officials haven't said much about the plan, only that they wanted to make the cameras "aesthetically pleasing." What's more, these cameras won't only be used to catch speeders, but also to record license plates of cars against a hot list database. If the car is stolen or subject to a kidnapping Amber Alert, police will immediately be notified. So the next time you're in Paradise Valley, Arizona, be on the lookout for hidden cameras. Takes a bunch of dicks to install even bigger ones.

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