This Clearly Shows That Meteors Are No Match For The New Elantra

There may be a small part of this that isn't real.

Hyundai Elantrasare cool and if you’re a naysayer hold off until you watch this video. Watch the Elantra escape big balls of fire rain from the sky as it drives through adesert to rescue some astronauts from their fallen ship. Its agility shouldn’tbe surprising, as the curb weight sits at just under 3,000 pounds.That’s extremely light for a modern car, and with that the Elantra doesn’t needmuch more than 147 horsepower (as its most powerful option) to move quickly, or at least look fast enough to evade hurtling balls of fire.

Indeed, Hyundai may very well be exploring boldness not only with the dodging of the meteors (or whatever they are) but also with the design and nimbleness. Maybe a part of this is fake, but that doesn't stop the car from looking really cool.

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