This Mercedes-AMG CLK55 Dragster Is Absolutely Nuts

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And you can buy it along with the AMG V8 powertrain.

We all cruise online marketplaces looking for that fast-flip or dream car for sale that's cheap to buy, but needs work. And sellers have to endure the flood of 'Is this still available' messages especially when you have an insane, yet unique build like this Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG drag car. We've never seen anything quite like it and without a full spec sheet, price or any semblance of a complete for sale post, we had to know more about this AMG V8-powered project car.

We've seen people build some oddball dragsters like a Rolls-Royce or a rotary-powered Mazda RX-3, But in this this first time we've seen someone use a W208 Mercedes coupe. The extensively modified Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG shell is, impressively, fitted with the factory M113 5.4-liter V8. Hand-assembled in Affalterbach, the naturally aspirated engine produced 342 horsepower with 376 lb-ft of twist when it was new.

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Here in this CLKilla, the AMG V8 is nothing more than a machined block with the same "bore and stroke as an LS," meaning if you'll need internals a pair of whirlybois (turbos) or a Kompressor (aka supercharger) to force-feed the AMG lump. To send this much torque out without breaking anything, the owner modified the Mercedes-Benz 5G-Tronic transmission. The five-speed automatic was derived from the V12 S-Class models as they can handle the lofty torque from the CLK55's V8.

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The W208 chassis , or what's left of it, is a different animal. It appears very well-sorted and as the owner states "built by Skinny Kid Racecars to 25.1-spec," making it certified for sanctioned drag racing events. From the exterior, it's a mostly metal body with all of the street gear intact like emblems, mirrors, trim and even the headlights and taillights remain intact. The owner also added a carbon fiber front grille and rear diffuser.

Beyond that, the race car fabrication is nuts as it's all-tube with custom suspension arms connected by Heim joints. The car features a Ford 10-inch rear end and Strange coilovers with adjustable strut mount cups. The stoppers are ultra-lightweight TBM brakes but the car will likely need a chute when passing the traps.

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This CLKilla wears Weld Racing V-Series front wheels wrapped in Good Year skinnies with Weld Racing 15x12 inch double-beadlocks to keep the Mickey Thompson 31x10.5x15 slicks from shedding off. There are a load of proven dragster parts already on this Merc but we're still trying to understand why there isn't a domestic crate motor in there like the LS V8, Ford 5.0-liter or a monster HEMI with a normal transmission. Perhaps the owner wanted to be unique? Mission accomplished.

While there isn't much OEM CLK55 left in there, we guess the German-acronym of Coupe Leicht Kompakt still sort of applies. Asking $65,000 CAD (around $51K USD) there is certainly a lot more than that invested here. Only question left is, who is the unhinged buyer that will tackle such an ambitious project?

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