This Communist Country Could Be Featured In The Next 'Fast And Furious'

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Movie location scouts should be looking for a friendlier welcome than machine guns or nuclear threats.

Quite a pile of "Furious 8" updates continues to stack sky high as the days continue towards the series' next installment. We know who will direct and that The Rock and Jason Statham will be back. Also, Paul Walker's brother Cody may be in the film. Wow, that's a lot. Now the newest rumor says director F. Gary Gray has just returned from a scouting mission in, you guessed it, Cuba. Ambitious? Not after President Obama started thawing tensions with the island nation last year.

But wait, didn't Vin Diesel tweet that the movie would be in New York? Could both locations be featured in "Furious 8"? For just over a year and for the first time since 1962, America and Cuba are starting to communicate thanks to couples therapy sessions. It's now possible for American films made in Cuba to become a reality, no less a film of this caliber. What kinds of stunts the crew could be performing in Cuba is yet to be revealed, but it seems like a fitting place to continue the story. After all the cities and countries the franchise has visited, does Cuba really sound so crazy?

Jaimie Trueblood, Universal Pictures
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