This Company Is Offering A Warranty On A Used Veyron For Just $12,000

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For about the cost of a new Versa you can shield yourself from the Veyron's crazy maintenance costs.

To own a Bugatti Veyron you need to have serious cash. We're not just talking about the money needed to purchase one of the rare French supercars. No, we're referring to the ownership costs which are absolutely insane. A set of new tires costs $30,000. An oil change will set you back $20,000. Maintaining a Bugatti costs a fortune, which is why we were shocked to learn that a UK company is offering an extensive warranty for a used Veyron. The price? Just £10,000 ($12,401).

Warrantywise, which bills itself as the UK's best used car warranty, is behind this Veyron warranty. Its "Platinum Plus" package runs for 12 months and is attached to a Bugatti being sold by English luxury car dealership Tom Hartley. (We checked Tom Hartley's site and couldn't find a listing for the Veyron. The photos seen here aren't of the actual car for sale.) The warranty covers "any repairs up to the retail value of the car, including wear and tear, plus roadside assistance and car hire." The next owner of the Veyron will be able to charge Warrantywise for work done to "all mechanical and electrical parts, including oil seals, labour rates, air-conditioning, gaskets, drive belts, wiring looms and radiators."

Warrantywise will undoubtedly lose money on this plan but it's a great way to generate publicity. Whoever ends up buying this car will get a great deal simply based on the fact that there aren't many companies willing to sell warranties for used Veyrons. Bugatti launched its own Certified Pre-Owned program two years ago which offers much more perks than this plan, but we doubt the French supercar company can beat $12,401 per year. Finally, someone is throwing the world's supercar owners a bone. It's about time they started getting treated like the rest of us.

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