This Company Will Build A Bunker For Your Tesla Cybertruck

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Introducing the 'Cybunker.'

Ever since the Tesla Cybertruck was introduced, there has been nothing but debate surrounding its controversial design. Many have questioned if the Cybertruck could actually fit into the average US garage and some experts predict the truck will be too large, and too unsafe for pedestrians to be road-legal in Europe. That second issue might be more worrying for Tesla but a research, design, and development company called Lars Buro might have a solution to the first problem - the Cyber truck not fitting into a garage.

Lars Buro has created what it calls the 'Cybunker,' which it describes as a "hi-tech depot, an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit), or an off-grid residence." Basically, it's a luxurious detached garage built for the Cybertruck (and your other vehicles) that you can also live in. And before you ask, yes, this is supposedly going to be real.

Lars Buro says the Cybunker's rigid steel monocoque structure and aerodynamic shape allow it to withstand tough environmental conditions. Hence why the company included press photos of it located in remote areas like the poles, deserts, and even mars (in a clever nod to Elon Musk's SpaceX company).

The Cybunker includes a two-piece folding gate, which opens to reveal 600 square-feet of garage space. The photos show a Cybertruck and Model S fitting in there nicely, but there's no reason it couldn't house other large vehicles as well. In a cheeky nod to Musk's Mars obsession, Lars Buro says the garage area can also be fitted with an airlock, "allowing a safe transition between exterior and interior."

There is also a second, 1,800 square-foot interior area that can be used for personal or commercial purposes such as a store or living quarters. Like the Cybertruck itself, the Cybunker will give occupants panoramic views through armored glass. Lars Buro also says the unit is self-sustaining and can be placed off-grid thanks to its solar roof panels and battery system mounted in the base.

The idea seems a bit farfetched but Lars Buro is confident that the Cybunker will reach production. The company hopes to reveal more information regarding pricing some time next year.

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