This Completely Cooked Lamborghini Murcielago Is Salvageable

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Right, so the seller of this frame-only 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 claims said frame is salvageable. Everything else from the once raging bull is cooked beyond repair. We have no clue what caused the fire that took the life of this Murcielago, but whatever happened was pretty darn gruesome. No word if there were any human casualties. But back to that frame: Apparently, there is hope for it. So much so that the eBay seller is asking $16,850 for someone to come and take it away.

Oh, and we forgot to mention, the doors are also tossed into the deal. Supposedly they can be saved. Supposedly. But nearly $17k for this? The frame and doors do come with "an original Lamborghini salvage paper," so there's that. For someone really truly daring, this purchase could turn into one hell of a restoration project. Just think of everything that needs to be done to get this Lambo up and running again. A new body, V12 engine, interior, electronics, suspension, you name it. We're certain those things are out there, but they won't be cheap. Heck, it may even be better to simply find an existing (and not toasted) Murcielago and drive home happy.

A similar '08 Murcielago LP640, according to an Autotrader search, costs anywhere from around $150,000 to about $230,000, depending on overall condition and mileage. So if anyone buys this roasted Murcielago frame and doors, best of luck. You'll be needing it. Photos courtesy of lamborghinidismantler/eBay.

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