This Concept Is How Audi Could Return To Its Roots


Advancement through a potentially awesome one-make racing car

Outside of the executive sedans and less-than-desirable habits of some people who drive its cars, Audi is probably best known for its motorsport exploits. This heritage stretches back to its Auto Union days with its monstrous 'Silver Arrow' open wheelers, and has culminated today in an incredibly successful venture in top-tier endurance racing. Other attempts, though, weren't quite as fortuitous: there was a 'Formula Palmer Audi' one-make racing series, but that was discontinued in 2010 and there haven't been any plans since to revive it.

Given we're fond of grass-roots-level racing here at CarBuzz, we wouldn't mind seeing a Formula Audi series brought back, and especially if the drivers would be given the keys to something like this: the 'Toma Stealth' single seater. It's the brainchild of Youngjai Jun, a student of Industrial Design at Konkuk University in South Korea, and we'd certainly love to see it lining up on the grid one day. Not only does it look rather badass (as it's name suggests, the design is loosely inspired on the look of the Lockheed Nighthawk and Northrup B-2 Spirit stealth aircraft), but there's also some interesting tech on display - the powertrain, for instance, is a fully electric system that's not too dissimilar to what's currently seen in the Formula E series.

What's perhaps more impressive is that Jun's Toma Stealth is a functioning car - thanks to assistance from engineering students at Konkuk University, a working prototype was built and given an ever-so-brief shakedown test. So, while Audi has no official plans to kickstart its own one-make racing series anytime soon, it's got a freaking sweet prototype single seater to tinker around with if it's looking for inspiration.

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