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This Corvette C6.R Is The Last Trace Of Old School American Racing

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Well, almost the last. There's also a little something called the Dodge Viper ACR.

There was a time when European brands like Porsche and Ferrari dominated endurance racing. Aside from Ford's historic Le Mans wins from 1966 to 1968, American automakers have not always fought hard enough, as some believe, to keep up with overseas competitors. Fortunately, Chevrolet had enough of that and began its Corvette endurance racing program. Needless to say, when Americans step up to a task, they get stuff done. And in this case, win.

The Corvette C6.R absolutely dominated Le Mans, and now one of the winning cars is owned by Bruce Meyer, serious car guy and longtime friend of Petrolicious. He's back in yet another brilliant video talking about his prized C6.R, the only non-street legal car he owns.

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Meyer is also the proud owner of another iconic endurance racer, the Briggs-Cunningham-prepared C1. This is the first Corvette to race at Le Mans in 1960. As for the C6.R, it won its class in 2009 and is, in a way, the last old school analog Corvette endurance racer. Heck, it even has a manual transmission. And because Meyer is as serious as they come regarding his car obsession, he refuses to detail the C6.R, leaving it exactly the way it was when it crossed the finish line at Le Mans almost a decade ago.