This Corvette Stingray Cop Car is For Sale (in Sweden)


Why don't US police forces have something like this?

Sweden? Really? Doesn't it just snow a lot? That may be true, but at least someone there has good taste when it comes to choosing one awesome cop car. And here's the best part: this cop car has never seen active duty. Someone had the idea to buy a new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (with the Z51 Performance Package, of course) then cover it with a vinyl wrap along with plenty of decals. And then sell it.

So how do we know this thing hasn't chased down speeders or bad guys? Aside from the fact crime rates are already very low in Sweden, this Vette has just 230 miles on the odometer. Those black rims came with car as a part of the 3LT equipment package, and no upgrades were done under the hood. The seller is asking 780,000 Swedish Kronos, which is around $120,000 USD.

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