This Corvette Z06 Driver Has Learned A Harsh Lesson At The Track

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Stability control is there for a reason.

Just because someone has the available funds to go out and buy a high-performance sports car doesn't mean they're well-suited to race one. Case in point: this Chevrolet Corvette Z06 crash that happened on July 7 at a SCCA Track Night at Blackhawk Farms Raceway in South Beloit, Illinois. Yes, this Z06 hit the tire wall. An eye witness and fellow Z06 driver explained that the doomed Z06 "broke loose" on turn 4 while having the car in Sport 2 or Race mode. Translation: no stability control.

This resulted in him coming in "too fast and high, and applied a little early throttle off-balance, causing the spin." However, this same witness noticed at the end of the day that the damaged Z06 was driving away under its own power, but the hazard lights were still blinking. Overall, it appears the damage is limited to the body, but the resulting spinning out and wall collision could have been much worse. Photos courtesy of Corvette Forum/Son of Speed.

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