This Could Be Our First Look At The BMW M4 CS

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May all our guesses be right. Especially this one.

If anyone recalls from several months ago, there was a BMW M4 CS that was for the Spanish market only. It wasn't more powerful or faster or anything else like what we'd expect a proper CS to have, but BMW, nevertheless, remained firm it wouldn't be sold outside Spain. Instead, the most extreme M4 you could get would be the M4 GTS. But the situation has seemingly changed. Bimmerpost has just posted images from an anonymous source of what's supposedly the new M4 CS shooting a commercial in California.

We admit it's really hard to prove this is for real, but look closely and you can spot the larger front lip, high trunk spoiler, GTS style vented hood, and carbon ceramic brakes. But here's where things get even more interesting: BMW Blog has brought to attention that the German language Bimmertoday spoke with BMW M chief Frank van Meel, who admitted the automaker has not only secured the "CS" name, but also it'll be applied to an upcoming M4 variant that's more hardcore than the base M4, but not quite as nuts as the M4 GTS. In other words, the water-injection engine tech, roll cage and fire extinguisher probably won't be offered in the M4 CS.

Also unlike the GTS, the new CS probably won't be as limited in production. Another source has told us BMW is planning to reveal a new M car at the Shanghai Motor Show this April, whereas Geneva next month will focus on the new 5 Series. In any case, we'll have our answer in the coming months.

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