This Could Be the Finest Skyline R34 GT-R in Existence

Some might argue that this is nicer than an R35.

If you are pining for the day that the Skyline R34 GT-R will one day be legal on US streets, this video is only going to add on to your heartache. What seems to be a product of the R2-tuning program at NISMO, and in conjunction with O-mori Tuning, comes this drop-dead gorgeous and aggressive Skyline R34 GT-R. We can't decipher what the color code of grey/silver that was used, but along with the NISMO badging, we really like it.

The decals we could live without, but the real non-starter for us would be the price tag, somewhere in the $200,000 ballpark if you bought it in Japan. Oh yeah, there is the "it's not legal in the US" thing as well. Thank goodness Youtube is free!..Enjoy.

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