This Could Be The Wildest C8 Corvette Widebody Kit Yet

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For those who want to add some spice to their Stingray.

The Chevrolet Corvette is an all-American icon that has graced our roads for well over half a century. The eighth-generation car, the C8, is the first mid-engine production version in the history of the Corvette brand, and people can't seem to get enough of it. This sleek sports car offers exotic supercar levels of performance for not a lot of money, and the aftermarket tuning scene has already taken a big liking to it. While some have made the C8 Corvette ridiculously fast, others focus more on the looks department. Widebody kits are becoming popular for this model, and the internet can't stop talking about the "Black Widow" kit that's been floating around social media for a while. So when is it coming out?

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The Black Widow widebody kit was conceptualized through a collaboration between Marsell of Carmstyledesign and Ivan Tampi of Ivan Tampi Customs and looks cooler than most kits we've seen thus far. JDM fans might recall the name "Black Widow" as it is a famous retro kit designed by Tampi for older Toyotas, Hondas and the like. The kit transforms the already bulky C8 into something that looks like it belongs on the corners of Pikes Peak, or the grueling 24 Hours Of Le Mans. It features a new front fascia, massive rear quarter panels, bulging side skirts and obviously a massive rear wing and diffuser. The side intakes on the rear quarter panels are ridiculously large, and we hope they're actually functional.

Carmstyledesign Carmstyledesign

Renderings of the Black Widow kit shows the C8 Corvette rolling on a set of ultra-deep blade wheels and also shows how the massive rear wing is mounted into the rear-end of the car. The team hasn't given an exact release date, nor has pricing been discussed, but we're sure a few C8 owners will be jumping on this kit as soon as it drops around spring 2022.

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