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This Could Be The Wildest Toyota 86 In The World

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When the Toyota 86 was launched in 2012, it paid homage to the original AE86 Hachi-Roku, the car that unwittingly became the blank canvas for hundreds of tuners keen to take advantage of its great base layout. That layout is shared with the current 86 and comprises of a sharp and lightweight chassis, rear-wheel-drive and a manual transmission.

Toyota seem to have deliberately left some wiggle room for tuners to come in and do their thing. Forgestar must have misread their intention because what they have come up with is quite possibly the craziest Toyota 86 mods around.

Dubbed the JDM 86 Rocket Bunny, the list of modifications carried out runs to a couple of pages and practically no part of the car has been left untouched. The Rocket Bunny aero package looks to be capable of keeping the car planted to the road regardless of cornering speeds and the heavily cambered Toyo Proxes 19-inch tires shod on Forgestar wheels look like they came straight off a supercar.

The attention to detail is rather impressive and the racing-car theme extends to the interior too where you find a set of racing seats, a fire extinguisher, and a rollcage. Carbon fiber is used everywhere from the steering wheel right down to the dash trim. A Cusco E-brake drift button and Rexspeed E-Brake handle (in carbon fiber of course) hint at what the Rocketbunny will be doing as a day job.

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In a world of overpowered turboe'd hot hatches you might be forgiven for thinking that the 86 in the cars name refers to the amount of horsepower it makes when you first step on the gas. The 2.0-liter flat-four actually makes 205 hp but it sure could do with a few more ponies, especially when it looks like this car.

Forgestar has installed a Greddy EVO3 catback exhaust, HKS intake and air filter and an upgraded pulley and belt kit but no mention is made of an LS V8 engine swap or massive turbo install. Seeing as the cooling system has been totally overhauled and the Cusco-sourced racing-style suspension can clearly handle a lot more than 205 hp, we hope that this mad JDM Rocket Bunny 86 has the go to match the show. Hat tip to Vanja for highlighting the build to us!