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This Could Be Your First Look At Porsche's Newest Four-Door In The Wild

Panamera with or without the wing?

Porsche is taking its sweet time with the new Panamera. There have been no leaks or teasers yet, but the redesigned four-door may have just been caught out in the wild by the folks over at The Fast Lane Car. The guys caught a suspicious looking Panamera driving on the highway in Colorado, of all places. What got their attention was its camo, specifically the painted-on taillights. Nothing in Porsche’s lineup looks at all like the Panamera, meaning this is probably the new Panamera is disguise.

The Panamera was covered in camo, and we know just how much of a car that stuff can hide, so don’t think this is the real deal in full. That being said, how about that wing?!

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