This Could Be Your Last Chance For A Cheap V12 Ferrari With A Manual

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It costs way less than you probably think.

Ferraris are literally the only commonly known car brand whose values consistently increase, rather than decrease, over time. In other words, buying a used Ferrari is a smart investment. For example, five years ago you could buy a used 308 GTS in the mid-$30k range. Today it's double that. With this trend in mind, we're always on the lookout for good and relatively inexpensive second-hand Ferraris, and this 1995 456 GT, which recently sold on eBay, caught our attention. How come, exactly?

For starters, it's powered by a naturally aspirated 5.5-liter V12. That alone is special, and then there's this: power is sent to the rear wheels through a gated six-speed manual. This combination is long gone at Ferrari, but this could be a great time to invest in a 456 because this particular one sold for less than $40,000. The exact final price was $39,950, and it has just over 80,000 on the odometer, which really isn't bad considering the car is more than 20 years old. But wait. Hang on. For $40k, there's got to be something wrong with it. Has it been in a prior accident? Are the leather seats in crap condition? Not at all. It's just that the market hasn't responded in kind yet to many 456s, but that'll likely change.

The only issues listed with this 456 GT is some slight wear to the driver's left seat bolster, some window fit problems, which is a known issue, and an air conditioner that doesn't always blow cold. But for $40k, fixing these problems is probably worth it, especially if you want to sell later. Either way, be on the lookout for used 456s. There could be some hidden bargains out there. Photos courtesy of tz750g/eBay

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