This Could Be Your Only Chance To Own A Rare Copper Corvette C1

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This copper Chevy is a must-have for Corvette collectors.

Picture the first-generation Corvette C1 roadster. What color do you imagine it as? Chances are, you will immediately think of the iconic white and red livery that's synonymous with the vintage roadster. And it will probably have a six-cylinder engine. However, as this rare example going to auction at RM Sotheby's shows, this wasn't the only configuration you could get for the first-gen Corvette. During its third year of production in 1955, Chevrolet scrapped the famous "Blue Flame" 3.9-liter inline-six for a 4.3-liter small-block V8.

700 examples rolled off the assembly line that year, the vast majority of which weresporting the iconic white and red color scheme. A small handful, however, came in an alternative shade called Corvette Copper. Only 15 of these were made in 1955 – and one of them is going up for auction, making it a must-have for Corvette collectors. To be exact, this is the 22nd Corvette built that year. It's currently located in Spain and has been painstakingly restored to immaculate condition, which is no mean feat considering its age. The Chevy has been resprayed in its original eye-catching copper paint and comes with a classy creme interior and matching fabric roof.

Don't expect to find an easy-to-use eight-speed automatic transmission like you would in a contemporary Corvette, however: being a product of the 1950's, this Corvette has just two speeds engaged by an old-school torque converter. It's safe to say its archaic transmission won't appeal to everyone, but you won't see this obscure breed of Corvette very often. It will be going under the hammer next month as part of RM Sotheby's Retromobile sale in Paris which promises to be a treasure trove for car collectors, as the first Porsche 911 convertible ever built will also be making an appearance.

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