This Could Have Been the New Pontiac GTO


But it wasn't because Pontiac was killed with an ax.

There was a time, albeit short, when it looked as if Pontiac was on the verge of a major comeback. It started with the fourth-generation GTO that launched in 2004, but lasted only until 2006. And yes, it was based on a Holden-developed RWD platform that was sold Down Under as the Monaro. That GTO wasn't perfect but it was a solid first step to revive Pontiac. The G8 came along in 2008 and it was magnificent. So magnificent in fact that GM was serious about slicing the rear doors off it, and naming the new coupe GTO.

In a recent Road & Track article Bob Lutz, former GM VP of Product and all-around gearhead, stated that there was even a full-size clay model of the car made, but development came to end once it became clear that Pontiac's time was limited. What also happened in 2008 was the Holden Coupe 60 Concept, basically a coupe variant of the G8-based Holden Commodore. Car Advice believes, and we do as well, that that coupe concept also served as the basis for the fifth-gen GTO Lutz was referring to. Sadly, we'll never know for sure.

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