This Country Won't Sell Hyundai's New Truck Because It's Too Weak

Does this mean Americans are soft because we're getting the Santa Cruz pickup?

Australia and America are very similar when it comes to cars. Citizens of both countries like big V8s and pickup trucks, although utes never really caught on in America. Like the ute in the US the Hyundai Santa Cruz will never catch on Down Under. We know this because the Santa Cruz isn’t going to be sold in Australia. Hyundai Motor Company Australia COO Scott Grant told Motoring that the unibody truck wouldn’t be offered in the country because it “is not in any way suitable for Australia.”

Grant was very straightforward when talking to Motoring about how the Santa Cruz would be doomed to failure in Australia. “From our point of view we want a proper HiLux, Ranger, Navara type of product, and the Santa Cruz won’t work for us. It’s too small and lightweight. We just don’t think it’d sell – Australian consumers won’t go for it.” All three of those trucks Grant mentioned have a body-on-frame design, something the Hyundai pickup lacks. It’s also going to be front-wheel drive and not rear-wheel drive. Here’s hoping Australia’s disdain for the Santa Cruz convinces Hyundai to actually develop a “real” truck soon. Also, does the fact that America is getting this car make us soft?

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