Road Rage

This Couple Needs Some Serious Anger Management Therapy

Possibly the first time we have seen a his and hers road rage.

Thanks to more and more Americans wisely adding dash cams to their cars, we are starting to be treated to a healthy stream of road rage videos starring some of America's finest to hit the roads. We all know that our country has its fair share of nut jobs and this particular video demonstrates a first for us, a road raging couple where the woman gets out of the car to confront the driver, armed only with her best manners and decor.

What we found amusing was her threat of photographing the driver's license plate (as if that will do anything) only to realize that the whole incident was promptly being recorded. The male driver of the road raging pair ironically stayed put in his truck, choosing instead to pelt coins at the driver's car with surprising accuracy.

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