This Craigslist Lexus LFA Is Selling For Less Than Its Original MSRP


And there's nothing wrong with that at all.

Much like today's news, the world of supercars moves incredibly quickly. It seems like there's a new Italian or British stunner coming out every few months. As such it's easy to forget all about supercars that came out a few years ago. Case in point: the Lexus LFA. Production on the LFA started way back in the end of 2010, but the car is still a stunner five and a half years later. Underneath the hood is a naturally aspirated 4.8-liter V10 good for 553 horsepower. Yes, just as you suspected that engine sounds incredible.

Our own Gabe Beita-Kiser recently did a rundown of what makes the LFA so awesome, so check out his article if you're still wondering why you should care about this car. Anyway, the LFA was undoubtedly awesome and incredibly rare as only 500 were made. It was originally sold for $375,000, which is why this Craigslist listing is so puzzling. It was posted in San Francisco and is for a 2012 LFA with 2,797 miles on the clock. Its asking price is $369,000, or a full $6,000 below its MSRP. Don't rare supercars usually gain value, not lose it, over time? According to the listing the car is clean and has had only one owner. The photos accompanying the ad are less than stellar but regardless the LFA doesn't look any worse for wear inside or out.

So what's the deal? Well, not all supercars are destined to become high-priced collectibles. Lexus doesn't exactly have a history of building top-tier supercars either. Jeremy Clarkson raved about the LFA, but to casual (but rich) gearheads that emblem on the hood will never carry as much weight as one from Ferrari or Lamborghini. It can't be the mileage as 2,797 miles is nothing, even for a supercar. We've seen other LFAs for sale and the majority of them come in at over $375,000, although there was one listed for $365,000. This model isn't a special edition and doesn't have a special production number; it's No. 434. Maybe this is a case of a dealership not knowing what it has.

The contact for the ad is Tani Tritasavit of San Francisco Toyota. Normally dealerships are known for price gouging, not discounts. Maybe this salesman just wants to get this car out of the showroom ASAP? Or maybe the truth is that the LFA isn't worth what it once was. Yeah, the car can do 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds and has a near-perfect weight distribution of 49.8 to 50.2 front and rear. But does that mean it should cost $80,000 over MSRP four years down the road? We often decry the crazy cost of secondhand supercars yet when we see one that's affordable, relatively speaking, we instantly wonder what's wrong with it. There doesn't appear to be anything wrong with this LFA, and that includes its price. Appreciation isn't the only mark of awesomeness.

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