This Crazy Audi R8 Has Twice As Much Power As A Bugatti Veyron


This bonkers Audi R8 can be ordered with over 2,000 horsepower.

If a 601 horsepower V10 engine isn't enough for you, you may be a bit nuts. The Audi R8 is already a really fast car, but Underground Racing has just created a range of twin-turbo set ups that will boost the horsepower to stratospheric levels. For $49,000, the base twin-turbo set up will give you 800 horsepower at the wheels on pump gas. If that number isn't insane enough for you, then the stage two kit for $69,000 brings this number to 850 horsepower on pump gas, or 1,000 horsepower with race fuel. Underground Racing hasn't stopped there.

The stage three kit for $99,000 dollars brings power to 1,000 hp on pump gas or 1,250 hp with race gas. We can't believe it, but it STILL gets better. The Race kit cranks the power up to 1,500 hp on race fuel. Finally, if you are really ready to die, Underground Racing will sell you the X Version kit. This top-of-the-line pack will give you 1,200 hp on regular pump gas, and 2,200 hp on racing fuel. Performance figures have not been announced yet, but with more than double the power of a Bugatti Veryon, we would expect that this R8 will make you the king of your local drag strip.

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