This Crazy Indian Guy Has Been Driving in Reverse Since 2003 and Now His Neck Hurts

He just wants to be different.

In 2003, Indian madman Harpreet Devi's old Fiat Padmini got stuck in reverse gear. So he began driving backwards to the nearest garage to get it fixed. But he never made it. Instead, for no particular reason, Devi made the life-changing decision to never drive forward again. The Fiat was soon modified to have four gears drive in reverse and one go forwards. He can now go backwards at 50 mph. An ambulance siren alerts other road users of his presence, and headlights adorn the back of the car.

Cruising around his home town of Bhatinda, Punjab, in reverse, he now believes he is a much better driver. The local government has given Harpreet special dispensation to continue his mad ways which, unsurprisingly has lead to chronic neck and back problems.

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