This Crazy Rally Car Rollover Will Make You Dizzy

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Kris Meeke rolled his rally car over seven and a half times in this spectacular crash. It's like being sat in a washing machine.

Last week's Rally Argentina couldn't have gone much worse for legendary rally driver Kris Meeke, who managed to roll his Citroen C3 not once, but twice in two separate accidents. Remember, this is the same guy who got lost in a parking lot during a rally in Mexico. In the first accident, the car clips a bump and takes a tumble before landing on its roof. You can even hear the driver and co-driver cursing as they lose control. The car sustained serious damage, forcing Meeke to retire.

As you can see from the video, the roof caved in and the front and rear of the car are unrecognizable. Incredibly, it took the talented team of mechanics just three hours to rebuild the crumpled Citroen. So Meeke thanks them for their efforts by crashing again the following day in an accident that makes the first incident look comparatively tame.

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During the second run of the Los Gigantes stage, Meeke approached a high-speed corner too fast, understeered, and smacked into a rock, causing the car to roll over spectacularly seven and a half times before once again landing on its roof. There's no comical cursing this time, just stunned silence.

Meeke says this was the biggest crash of his career - we feel dizzy just watching it. Miraculously, both Meeke and his co-driver Paul Nagle were both fine after being given a check-up at the medical center. Had the Citroen not have been fitted with a standard rollcage, it probably would have been a different story.

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