This Crybaby Biker Is Going To Make You Hate Motorcyclists

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Or did this guy deserve to be told off?

We've seen many videos of motorcyclists acting like dickheads, and this one is no exception. First off, yes, it is quite dangerous for those who ride. If a car cuts you off or almost runs into you it's fine to give them a piece of your mind. But do you really need to hound them down at multiple stoplights, cursing and getting off your bike to act tough? No, no you don't, unless you're this guy. The convertible he's chasing apparently cut him off several times (no signal) which is what sparked this guy's rage.

Of course we don't get to see those two close calls in this clip which means we only have his immature tantrum to go off of. Go ahead and check out this video and let us know whose side you're on and how you'd react.

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