This Custom Lamborghini Huracan Is Targeting 300 MPH

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Underground did the engine, Envisage and 7X did the slippery panels.

Coventry in the UK is probably most well known for being the home of the Jaguar and Land Rover brands, but it's also home to the Envisage Group, a coachbuilder specializing in madness like a bespoke 1,900-horsepower Lamborghini Huracan called Rayo. The vehicle premiered today at the Concours d'Elegance at Hampton Court.

The most exciting part seems like the twin-turbocharged V10 making all that power, versus the standard car's 610 hp. It was prepared by Underground Racing, which says it has a top speed target of a hypercar-like 300 mph. But the key here is not the power, it's making a slippery body that can handle it. And that's what Envisage does.

Envisage/7X Design Envisage/7X Design Envisage/7X Design

The company called 7X Design was responsible for the improvements in aerodynamics, which went from 0.39 Cd to 0.279 Cd. Envisage first scanned the base vehicle to get a full 3D model as a reference. 7X Design made the aero adjustments and Envisage engineered the new body. It looks fantastic, and the Huracan wasn't an ugly car to start with.

Envisage worked with 7X on the panels, which were "engineered to align with the base vehicle's sub-structure without affecting the integrity of the monocoque. Envisage Group's low-volume manufacturing arm created the carbon fiber body and assembled it, again using 3D measuring equipment to make sure everything fit right.

Envisage/7X Design Envisage/7X Design Envisage/7X Design Envisage/7X Design

Both companies made sure it would be road legal and certified through the IVA process, which is for low-volume and custom vehicles. And it was Envisage that applied the Sport Orange from its paint technologies division, before creating the final product.

"We could not have asked for a better partner than Envisage Group in the realization of the Rayo's stunning body," said David Gomez, founder of 7X Design. "Taking our designs, they have showed enormous skill in the creation of the panels; the fit, paint finish and the overall robustness of the body. The quality is OEM level - and I can now look forward to the next stage in the Rayo's development: honing its performance and dynamics."

Envisage/7X Design Envisage/7X Design Envisage/7X Design

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