This Dad Destroyed His Son's Audi A4 To Teach His Daughter A Lesson

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Is this good parenting or just unnecessary automotive violence?

We're not parents so we can't accurately judge the behavior in this video. But from where we're standing, the dad destroying his son's Audi A4 with a front loader tractor (that's what it is, right?) went overboard. The son, Kaylor Card, recorded the destruction and shared it on Facebook. Apparently his younger sister had a boy in the car who she wasn't allowed to be seeing-we're sure there's more to it but would feel weird investigating. Anyway, dad found out and promptly flipped out, deciding to destroy the car to teach the young lady a lesson.

Sometimes parents have to be tough, but did this guy really need to decimate this poor Audi?! Why not just sell it and teach the kid a lesson that way?! Photos by Kaylor Card.

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