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This Datsun 240Z Is A 420-HP Retromod Weapon

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It's not even close to stock.

First thing's first: it appears Jay Leno has permanently ditched the denim shirt for a dark polo. It's the new look the network wants him to have for his show. Call it a touch of refinement. But Leno is still, first and foremost, a car guy who knows his stuff, and this was demonstrated once again with his knowledge of everything Datsun 240Z. Thing is, the 240Z appearing here today is anything but stock, although its exterior has not been dramatically altered, which we appreciate. Under the hood, however, is a different story.

Dominic Le from Chasing Js, whose previous work on a modified Datsun pickup truck was also showcased by Leno, is back with his latest creation. This 240Z is full of beautiful custom touches inside and out, but it's that engine some purists may not approve of.

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Too bad because Le swapped out the original straight-six for a turbo 2.0-liter, also from Datsun. Nothing like keeping things in the family. He also shoved it away from the nose for better weight distribution. Unlike the original engine, this one, thanks to its custom turbocharger, is a lot more powerful. Like three times as powerful. Grand total output: 430 hp. The basic thing to know here is that Le followed a simple rule: less weight, more power. It only weighs about 1,900 pounds. To help achieve that low weight, a good chunk of the interior materials are made of carbon. Oh, and did we mention this thing is loud? It is. Like really, really loud.