This Dealer is Selling Cars for $1 on Black Friday

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That'd be tomorrow.

Back in 2008, Sterling McCall Toyota of Houston, Texas was looking to do something big that would bring in more potential buyers on Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. The idea was simply to get customers away from going to the mall and get them to buy a car instead. What they came up with worked: used cars for $1. For the past five years the dealer has marked down three used cars for the rock bottom price of a single George Washington.


And the gig worked. In addition, another 180 to 200 used cars are also marked down for special Black Friday prices. So how are people not trampled to death when racing to get that cheap ass used car? It works like this: car shoppers are allowed to enter the dealership and sit in the car they want before the 9 am time when sales associates place the marked down amount on the cars. The individual sitting in the driver's seat when the new price is issued gets first dibs on the car. If they don't want it, the front passenger gets second dibs. It's a pretty cool idea and it's worked quite well. For this year the dealer will be selling 10 used cars for under $1,000 and another 50 for less than $10,000.

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