This Dealer Will Sell You A Monster Mustang With 1200 HP For $45,000

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The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon may have already met its match.

Remember the Ohio dealership Lebanon Ford that was willing to sell you a Challenger SRT Hellcat-rivaling Ford Mustang with 727 horsepower for less than $40,000? Well, the same dealer is back this year with an even more ludicrous proposition - Lebanon Ford will now sell you a twin-turbo, 1200-hp Mustang for only $45,000. That's the same power output as a Bugatti Veyron SS in a rear-wheel drive Mustang. Say goodbye to your tire treads.


As if it wasn't already astonishingly good value, the price includes the cost of the Mustang GT with the 300A package. It also covers the installation of fitting the Hellion Turbo system to the 5.0-liter-Coyote V8 Mustang, available in two packages. For $45,499, the Hellion twin turbo system package includes twin 62mm turbos, Turbosmart VEE Port bypass valves, a large vertical flow dual inlet intercooler, controllable boost from 5 PSI to 30 PSI, and a Basani cat-back exhaust. For $49,995, package two adds 95-lb. injectors, a JMS PowerMax boost-a-pump, TSS oil pump and driveshaft shop 800 HP halfshafts.

According to Road and Track, Lebanon Ford says that most customers will likely choose a more sensible setup that makes around 6 psi of boost, which would generate around 600-wheel horsepower. The stock Mustang GT produces 435 horsepower, so it's still a substantial upgrade. The Package 2 kit can generate up to 1200 rear wheel horsepower by adjusting the boost. However, the specs of the package state that the driveshaft will only withstand up to 800-hp, so you'll still need to invest in additional modifications if you want to maximize the potential power output of this monster Mustang without breaking it.

We were previously convinced that the upcoming Challenger SRT Demon would become the most hardcore muscle car ever, but now we're not so sure after the revelation that it may only pack in a measly 757-hp, which isn't much of an upgrade over the 707-hp Hellcat. This menacing Mustang could be a tempting alternative, though you have to wonder how it drives with such extreme modifications.

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