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This Dealer Will Sell You The 650-HP F-150 Lightning Ford Refuses To Build

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For a mere $50,000. Okay, just shut up and take our money.

Over a decade ago, you could buy a Ford F-150 called the SVT Lightning. Unfortunately, not enough people did, and Ford hasn't built one since. Instead, it opted for an extreme off-roader, the Raptor. That's all fine and good but a street legal hot rod pickup truck would still be welcomed. So Pioneer Ford in Georgia is doing what Ford won't by bringing back the F-150 Lightning. This so-called "special edition" F-150 Lighting Tribute F-appeared on the dealer's Facebook page a few days ago and to say we're smitten isn't enough to describe our excitement.

Starting off with a 2017 F-150 XL, the dealer went a little wild. Let's take a look at the specs: Under the hood lies a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 with 650 hp. Yep. 650 ponies going straight to the rear wheels. There's also the necessary side exit exhaust, tuned suspension and modern day twist on the classic F-150 Lightning wheel design, now totaling 22-inches in diameter. Hot damn. And there's more good news: You can buy this from the dealership, with a warranty, for $50,000. Fortunately, Pioneer Ford built this truck with Roush performance parts, and it's also a Roush authorized dealer, hence the authorized warranty. Pioneer Ford wrote on Facebook: "Yes, we built this in house at our dealership.

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"Being a (Roush) authorized dealer the vehicle still retains factor warranty and the charger has a warranty on it as well. Option to extend the warranty is also available! The truck also qualifies for all of Ford's factory incentives and rebates!" Our advice to owners: toss an extra set of tires in the bed. You're going to need them quickly after many lovely burnouts.