This Dealership Put A $200,000 Markup On The BMW M4 GTS


That's just a bit too rich for our blood.

Recently we learned from Motor Trend that the BMW M4 GTS may not be all that and a bag of chips. That's not to say it's a bad car. It's just that for the price, you can do better. Said price is $134,000 before any dealership markups. There were only 700 of these cars made, with the US only getting an allotment of 300. That kind of exclusivity is going to lead to a pretty high markup. Just how high are we talking, though? Try $200,000 at one dealership, this according to a Reddit post from user VeryTallDog.

VeryTallDog took a photo of an M4 GTS' build sheet, not its Monroney sticker, and on it you can clearly see a line item for a "Market Adjustment" worth $200,000. That brings the total cost of the M4, at least the one in this photo, to $334,200. Obviously dealer markups are nothing new, but this price seems a bit insane to us. That's a markup of almost 150%! Since the M4 GTS is ready to go out the box, and since "Market Adjustment" doesn't seem to be related to options, it seems safe to say that this BMW dealership is simply looking to grab some extra cash. We hate seeing stuff like this, but at the end of a day a car is worth what someone will pay for it. We wouldn't shell out $334,000 for an M4 GTS but we're sure someone would.

The odd thing is that markups like this are usually reserved for higher-tier luxury sports cars, like say the Porsche 911R. The M4 GTS is certainly special, no need for BMW to think otherwise and go in search of a safe space, but it's no 911R. So what would an appropriate markup be? How does, say, $50,000 sound? At this point anything below $200k has to be counted as a win.

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