This Devilish Novitec N-Largo F12 Is One Red Hot Monster

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MC Custom's finishing touches create a match made in a heavenly hell.

When Ferrari produces an F12 Berlinetta, perspective owners needn't do much in order to have a claim at driving one of the hottest machines on the road. But still, aftermarket firms have proven once and again that this car is just begging for additional components that will really make its true colors shine. And as we've seen before, there is nothing quite as impressive as the Novitec F12 Berlinetta N-Largo. Given to MC Customs for some finishing touches, this particular Ferrari has ended up as one of the most demonic creations we've recently seen.

The additional components include a wider rear carbon-fiber axle equipped with large fender flares, front flares with a horizontal air vent, rear rocker panels coated in carbon fiber, and also carbon wing mirrors, a new rear wing and new bumper. To complete the outfit, the Novitec Rosso N-Largo was also given matte black wheels with red outer rims. The theme continues indoors with matching red interior finishes. Although no performance upgrades have been detailed, this car looks like a little monster and its stock performance should be enough to back up its devilish looks.

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