This Distracted Driver's Amazing Reflexes Prevented A Massive Crash

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A crash was avoided but this driver deserves no praise.

The majority of this video is fairly boring, like what normal freeway driving is like. It was captured by a driver's dash cam in the UK. According to the video's YouTube description he was on a stretch of the country's M1 highway with his wife and three children in the car when a van pulled in front of him. Okay, boring and not interesting. Less than 20 seconds later the van makes a last-second swerve to avoid a disabled car. Yeah, that's when things get interesting. The swerve prevented the van from hitting the stopped car and saved the cammer as well.

Of course it shouldn't have taken the guy in the van until the last moment to see the disabled car and react. Yeah, the quick swerve was kind of cool to watch but this could have easily ended much, much worse and should have never even got to this point.

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