This Dream Koenigsegg Regera Looks Ravishing In Red Carbon

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These Koenigsegg Regera renders aren't making the wait for an online configurator any easier.

If you've ever wanted to configure your own fantasy Koenigsegg Regera you're out of luck right now since the Swedish supercar maker currently doesn't provide an online configurator. Mercifully, the manufacturer plans to release one in the near future, so we can all pretend we're in a position to buy the 1,500-horsepower hybrid hypercar. Until then, our fantasy Regeras will have to remain in our imaginations, and it appears Koenigsegg's staff are continuing to while away the time by designing their dream Regeras.

Some of the results have been stunning, with standouts including a purple Prince tribute and an all-black beauty. This week's design is the work of Koenigsegg's electrification engineer Jonas, who opted for a ravishing combination of red tinted carbon and clear carbon, with white stripes to mimic the flag colors of his home country Denmark. The brake calipers fitted inside "Tresex" hollow carbon fiber wheels are also black, while the interior has been lavished with black leather, red contrast stitching, and a beautiful black anodized aluminium center console. Also visible is the optional aero package first shown in the Battleship Grey Regera render designed by prototype manager Mattias Vox.

Whoever manages Koeniegsegg's social media accounts also has a sense of humor, judging by the closing comment on its Facebook post showing off Jonas' creation: "Jonas might be a ruthless crybaby, incapable of accepting the referee's decision on the go-kart track but he sure knows how to spec a Regera!" Jonas' work is reminiscent of the design inspired by French wine, but we think his white striping is more flattering, resulting in a tasteful design. What do you think of this latest Regera render?

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