This Drift Lexus LFA With A V8 Is Absolutely Bat Sh-t Crazy

But is this sacrilegious?

We’ve seen this one before, but not in action like this. Built by Yoichi Imamura, this Lexus LFA has been turned into something completely unlike, well, a real supercar. Instead of that V10 under its hood, a TRD NASCAR V8 has been dropped in its place. Is this sacrilegious? After all, just 500 examples were built. But Imamura also added a wide body kit and a massive rear wing. The result is certainly intriguing to look at, but the fact that a rare LFA supercar has been turned into a drifter is still odd.

However, after we saw this video of it in action with all of its 1,000 hp going to the rear wheels, we started to have a change of heart. It looks and sounds bat shit crazy. What do you all think?

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