This Drivable Fiat Takes Slammed Cars To A New Extreme

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It's a two-stroke-powered, three-wheeled roof and hood gliding over pavement.

We've all heard of slammed cars. And while sometimes this modification can be impractical, if done right, it can improve handling. However, we've come across a slammed Fiat Panda from Italy that is just nuts.

For the uninitiated, slammed cars come with a lower ground clearance than intended by the automaker, achieved via a modified suspension system.

But Italian YouTube channel Carmagheddon has taken the act of lowering a car to its logical extreme. It looks like a graphical glitch in a video game, with just the upper portions and the hood of a Fiat Panda gliding over the pavement.

CarBuzz Carmagheddon/Youtube Carmagheddon/Youtube Carmagheddon/Youtube

How did they manage to do this? It obviously involved cutting and removing the bottom bits of the Panda, keeping the car's roof, hood, and most of its parts just above where the door hinges would be.

The remaining section then forms a shell attached to a "rolling chassis," which gets three wheels and a two-stroke engine. Meanwhile, the hood gets a set of casters to ensure it rolls smoothly on the road. They also made an exhaust system, which was crucial since the driver's face was a mere inches away from the engine.

Carmagheddon/Youtube Carmagheddon/Youtube Carmagheddon/Youtube

The result is a car with only 1.2 inches of ground clearance. It sits so low that its driver has to lie belly down on a wood block to fit inside.

For visibility, there's none. They covered the Panda's greenhouse with an extremely dark tint to preserve the illusion of whatever the YouTubers were trying to achieve. To drive the thing, the driver gets a GoPro linked to a phone, allowing him to see where he's going.

This isn't a sensible build for the Euro-only cousin of the Fiat 500, but it's worth the laughs. One may even call it a wildly entertaining but silly tribute to one of the most influential Italian small cars ever made.

Carmagheddon/Youtube Carmagheddon/Youtube Carmagheddon/Youtube

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