This Electric Jaguar XK120 Is The Prettiest EV On The Road

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They don't build them like they used to, but can always make "them" better too.

A few of you may remember Lunaz. It's an electric car company headed by David Beckham. This is its latest creation: The Lunaz Jaguar XK120. It's electric, and that's about the only similarity it has with modern Jags like the I-Pace. It's certainly more expensive than any modern Jaguar, starting at a staggering $370,105. So, let's find out what kind of EV classic car you get for a Rolls-Royce-sized lump of cash.

The highlight here is this car's sustainability. In fact, it's the most sustainable classic car we can think of. Not that you can tell that feature from the interior alone. There isn't one scrap of dead cow anywhere in the fully-restored cabin. Instead, you'll find old fishing nets. The carpets are green too. Not literally. Those are made from up-cycled marine plastic waste like plastic bottles.

Lunaz Lunaz Lunaz Lunaz

Lunaz says that these choices save seven barrels of dirty crude oil. Moreover, Lunaz will tell you that by making this Jag XK the way it did, they saved seven tons of carbon. Enough of the sustainability talk. We're sure you're all about ready to fork over remortgaged home funds to buy one as it is.

Unfortunately, Lunaz hasn't provided any powertrain details. Instead, we're left to extrapolate. We do know that a Lunaz-built Aston Martin DB6 boasted a battery range of around 255 miles, and a Lunaz-built Rolls-Royce packed 375 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. Let's hope this one is slightly tamer given the bicycle-like size of the tires. We've reached out to Lunaz to figure out how much green power this car puts down.

Instead, the narrative here is just how sustainable this toy for the hyper-wealthy is. It's also about how fashionably eco-friendly the car's new owner is, not performance. This is a customer car, and each new Lunaz Jag XK120 is built to exact customer specifications, right down to the matching shoes.

Lunaz Lunaz Lunaz Lunaz

The shoes (which we regrettably don't have a photo of) are made from the same material as the seats. The seat rails are also made from recycled aluminum. Even the wood in the car has been sustainably sourced. We've been poking fun here at Lunaz, but this is truly a genuine effort to make a car as cleanly as possible, which deserves some praise. In all, Lunaz says this version of the XK120 is 80 percent cleaner than a similar gas-powered model.

That is largely down to the tech that gets blended into this car. Mysterious powertrain aside, some tech has worked its way inside, including a modern Apple CarPlay-capable head unit and range meter for the car's batteries. In all, this is an interesting take on EV classic cars that aren't all about the engine growl, and we're excited to see what other British icons can be improved with a dose of electrification.

Lunaz Lunaz Lunaz Lunaz

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