This Enzo Went From Being Chopped In Half To Selling For Almost $2 Million

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Talk about a comeback!

The Ferrari Enzo is a special car but one being sold for a ton of cash isn't exactly news. It is, but it's not exactly shocking. However, one that was split in half, repaired and then auctioned off-now that's a hell of a story. This black Enzo was the victim of a horrific crash that ended up ripping it to pieces. Now it is in the hands of a new owner for the princely sum of $1.75 million. The car recently changed hands at an RM Sotheby's auction in Paris. Now $1.75 million is a lot of cash but other Enzos have recently sold for much higher.

The last example, delivered to Pope John Paul II, sold for $6.05 million. Boxer Floyd Mayweather got $3.3 million for his Enzo. To be fair all of these supercars had celebrity status helping to drive prices up. That being said none of them has a story like this one. Here's hoping its new owner doesn't wreck it. Also, was this thing sold with a salvage title? Can supercars even have salvage titles?

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