This Epic Blast On The Transfagarasan Highway Will Make You Want To Be An M Car Owner


One of the best roads in the world in the fastest BMWs...count us in.

What is the best way to prove to potential customers that your sports cars are the best? How about a blast down one of the best mountain roads in the world in a fleet of M cars? BMW Group of Central and Southeastern Europe organized a dream road trip to the Transfagarasan highway in Romania. You may remember this road from the episode of "Top Gear" when Clarkson, May, and Hammond declared it the best road...IN THE WORLD. Guests were flown by plane and helicopter and chauffeured by 7 Series to the road.

When guests arrived at the mountain, they were offered a fleet of M cars that included M4s in Java Green, Ruby Red, Fashion Grey, and Grigio Metallic, M3s in Messing Metallic, Frozen Black Metallic, and Atlantis Blue, M5s in Frozen Cashmere Metallic and Frozen Blue Metallic, and an M2 in Long Beach Blue.

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