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This Exceptional Collection Of Limited-Production Lamborghinis Needs A New Home

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These are not your run-of-the-mill Raging Bulls.

Lamborghini is making more supercars these days than it ever did before. And with the production of the Urus now coming on line, its output will soon balloon even further. But even as Huracans and Aventadors roll out of Sant'Agata at record pace, Lambos are still hardly what you might call mass-produced. Yet some are more obscure than others.

Take these four, for example. Even among Lamborghinis, they're rather rare. Together they form part of the Marshall Goldman Collection, and they're all coming up for auction this month during Monterey Car Week.

Rarest and most valuable among them is a 2008 Reventon – predecessor to the Veneno and Centenario in the modern history of the most exclusive of Raging Bulls. It was based on the Murcielago but previewed the styling direction that the Bolognese automaker would take with the later Aventador, resulting in an instant collector's item. This example was the last of the 20 made (before 15 more roadsters followed), finished in a matte grey that was exclusive to this model. With only 168 miles on the clock, it's valued between $1.7 and 2 million.

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Too rich for your blood? Then you might want to check out the 2010 Murcielago LP650-4 Roadster. One of the ultimate versions of the Murci, it packed the same engine as the Reventon – tuned to the same 641 horsepower – but with less extreme bodywork and an open cockpit. Only 50 examples were made, of which this was the 49th and penultimate. With just 179 miles on the odometer, it's estimated to sell for around $360k (give or take the price of a new econo-box).

More valuable still is a rare SE version of the preceding Diablo. It's one of 40 made, half of which were done up in this deep shade of Marrone Eklipsis. The Diablo SE packed the same 6.0-liter V12 as the more hardcore Diablo GT, but detuned slightly from 575 hp to 550 and with the benefit of all-wheel drive to get it down to the tarmac. It was a spectacular sendoff for the long-running supercar, and with 1,511 miles on it, this example is expected to sell for about $400k.

If twelve cylinders strikes you as two too many, there's a Gallardo Superleggera on offer as well. The precursor to today's Huracan Performante, the Superleggera added ten horsepower and trimmed over 200 pounds of excess weight to trim two tenths off the Gallardo's 0-62 time. Of the 14,000 or so Gallardos it produced, only 618 were made to original Superleggera spec. This one has been kept in tip-top shape with just 322 miles on it. Little wonder that it's expected to sell for $175-200k when the gavel drops on all four at Mecum's Monterey auction at the end of August.