This Exclusive Lamborghini Meetup Shows Just How Good Life Can Get

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These guys can truly say "I've made it."

Lamborghini is known for treating customers like absolute royalty. A prime example of this is the 2015 USA Lamborghini Giro tour. This is a yearly event in which around 20 Lamborghini owners and their guests are invited to travel a scenic route around the US. The group is made up of ultra-rich Lamborghini fanatics. Every person attending brought the nicest Lambo in their collection. Lamborghini pays for lodging in luxurious resorts, spas, and hotels along the way.

Five star rooms and meals are included every day, along with a thorough interior and exterior car wash. The event coordinators have planned activities for the owners and mapped a long, scenic drive through the best parts of New England. The route goes through mountains, on country roads and along America's best highways. The team stopped off at the astonishing Top Notch resort in Stowe, Vermont, and will be there for two days before heading to Boston. CarBuzz was fortunate enough to attend the event at the resort and snap photos of these incredible cars. The Lamborghini Giro is not a public display event. It is purely a customer appreciation treat.

Highlights of the meet include two Aventador 50th Anniversarios. Only 200 of these rare beasts were produced and can fetch around $600,000 today. Also noteworthy were several 2015 Huracans, Aventador roadsters and enough crazy colors to make your head hurt. Enjoy these sexy photos from this ultra-rare meetup.

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