This Eye-Popping 750-HP BMW X6M Is What Happens When Tuners Go Nuts


Lumma Design may have created the most bonkers X6M ever.

Lumma Design is known for creating big, in your face tuning kits. This time its attention is on the BMW X6M with the Lumma CLR X6 R package. The SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) would already stand out with the Lumma add-ons, but just in case it would go unnoticed, the car has been covered in blinding fluorescent yellow paint. The X6M sports a much more aggressive look and stance, complete with matte black 22-inch Lumma wheels and an option of a carbon fiber or GRP hood.

The body kit is made up of a lower front spoiler, rear lip spoiler, side skirts and fender extensions complete with bigger air intakes and double rows of daytime running lights with darkened LED fog lights, created exclusively for the front bumper. The interior can be customized with the finest leather and Alcantara in various color shades along with trim inserts in a choice of three finishes: carbon fiber, high-tech aluminum or traditional wood veneer. The seats are a mix of black leather and Alcantara with fluorescent yellow piping and the dash accents match. The center console and the A, B and C-pillars are also re-trimmed in Alcantara while the plastic parts are all in the same yellow, Lumma even got the seat belts to match the paint.

Things are rounded off with the Lumma coat of arms logo stitched into the headrests and floor and boot mats also have the tuner's logo embroidered inot them. Lumma also like to play with engines, and for the X6 R package they bumped up the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8's power output from 575 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque to a massive 750 hp with an equally high 723 lb-ft of torque that's said to allow the X6M reach over 186 mph. The exit for the power culminates in a set of four centrally mounted tail pipes, the outer two measure in at 3.9-inches and the two inners measure in at 2.75-inches. This is one of the more noticeable conversions done by Lumma Design and will be perfect for those wanting to show off.

If you have the right connections you can get a great aerial shot of the car, not from a drone but NASA's international space station. It's probably visible to the astronauts up there. With that being said we fear what will happen when drivers see one of these out on the road. We predict blindness on a mass scale.

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