This Faceless Liberty Walk 458 Is Monterey Car Week's Biggest Casualty

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This is just a little worse than curbing a Lamborghini Reventon's wheel.

Monterey Car Week brings a ton of amazing cars to Monterey, California. And when amazing cars all gather in one place there are usually some wrecks. We're not sure why this is so, but we challenge you to find a mass gathering of exotic cars where all participating vehicles emerged completely unscathed. We'll wait. Just a few days ago a Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 with a very hypnotic wrap was wrecked in Monterey. It's owned by YouTuber Daily Driven Exotics, aka Damon Fryer, who may be regretting daily driving his exotics now.

How the crash occurred is unclear. Fryer says it wasn't his fault and the police in the video don't seem to be in a hurry to arrest or chat with him. Regardless, his one-of-a-kind 458 is now missing its face.

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