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This Fake McLaren 650S Broke Into Pieces While Driving

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In China, of course.

What you're looking at is very real, despite the car itself is fake. This knockoff McLaren 650S was driving down a ramp in a parking garage in Tianjin, China when its driver somehow miscalculated the downward angle.

According to Driving.ca and images first published on the Car News China's Facebook page, the driver also likely didn't brake in time and/or forgot to activate the nose-lift feature. The result is a front end that literally shattered into pieces upon impact. Of course this is something to make fun of. But what's kind of funny is that this is only a fake 650S, not a fake McLaren. It's actually an MP4-12C, later renamed as simply 12C, which had its front end modified to look like a 650S.

The 650S was a heavily updated 12C that featured more emotional styling, particularly up front. It's not that the 12C was lame or anything, but many felt McLaren could have done more to enhance its styling. McLaren listened and the 650S was its answer. But this Chinese 12C owner clearly wasn't satisfied with what they already had. Sometimes owning a supercar simply isn't enough. Maybe they couldn't afford a real 650S so the cheapest and fastest thing to do was upgrade the 12C. It was a poorly done upgrade, to say the least.

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A closer examination of the car pre-accident also shows what appears to be additional modifications towards the rear end. This looks even more poorly done than the front. Whatever. The owner of this 650S 12C not only got caught with these crappy modifications but also in a really embarrassing way. So let this be a lesson to all: appreciate what you've got. Don't modify your car to make it look like something it's really not. Otherwise, your car might end up being featured on Car Mod Atrocities. Don't be that guy.