This Famous LaFerrari Might Have A Secret All-Electric Mode

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So much for Ferrari's stance on building an electric car.

The Grand Tour pointed out that the LaFerrari was very different to its direct competitors, the Porsche 918 Spyder and McLaren P1, in that the LaFerrari is unable to run on battery power alone. It is therefore unable to compete in a silent drag race with the other two. The LaFerrari uses a KERS system like in Formula One, so its battery tech is wrapped up with the gas engine. Ferrari also says that it doesn't think that its customers would ever want to drive the car without the engine, because why wouldn't someone want to hear the V12?

However, there have been some circulating rumors that it is indeed possible to drive the LaFerrari on electric power alone. New video footage has come out of Jay Kay's very special green LaFerrari driving around in complete silence.

It is assumed that Ferrari made it very difficult to program the car to run on battery power alone. Perhaps only select customers were given this ability or only the dealership is able to activate it to move the car around for servicing. We doubt that the LaFerrari has close to the same range as the 918 or P1, so that may be why Ferrari didn't include it as a feature. Still, it is interesting to see that it can at least be done.

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