This Fan-Made Concept Should Be Jeep's Next New Model

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Imagine this with a 707-horsepower V8.

Jeep certainly knows how to build some awesome concept cars. As we've seen from designs such as the Chinese-market Jeep Yuntu Concept, the Jeep brand looks well-positioned to evolve its current design language well into the future. That being said, outside minds can still provide Jeep with a spark.

A recent concept design from Antonio Paglia on shows what a future model from Jeep could look like. It's called the Jeep Concept Freedom, and although it didn't come from Jeep, we think it deserves to be put into production.

Paglia says the concept is about the "Freedom to move everywhere. The spirit of Jeep in a modern SUV electric. Free to move wherever you want. The design that is inspired by the hardness of the natural elements. To their natural formation. The edges characterize the body that breaks with the elements of the past. Jeep DNA can express itself on the street and off-road, by a clean propulsion."

The Concept Freedom is imagined as an all-electric model and although Jeep has laid out plans for electrified hybrid models, a full EV doesn't seem to be in the brand's immediate future.

Obviously, the chances of an outside rendering being used to build a production car are extremely small. Still, we'd love to see Jeep incorporate some of the design elements from the Concept Freedom into a future model. Automakers like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes have been rushing to build sportier coupe versions of their SUV models with varying levels of success. We believe this concept looks better than any SUV coupe the Germans have come up with and we think it is time for Jeep to enter this niche segment with its own model.

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