This Ferrari 250 GTO Has Been Restored to Rightful Glory After Fender Bender


At no small expense, we're sure.

Being one of the most valuable cars in the world, you can safely assume that any time a Ferrari 250 GTO gets into an accident, it will be repaired quickly and with the utmost care. This is what happened to the GTO you see here, which was on its way to the Le Mans Classic in 2012 when it got into a crash with a Hyundai. The owner, billionaire Christopher Cox, was behind the wheel at the time, and nobody was hurt but the car.

The GTO has now been restored by Ferrari Classiche, and is once again concourse ready. While it isn't unheard of to have a GTO painted in a color other than red (although most still are), this one wears a unique livery, given to it by its third owner in 1963. All of the early owners of the car raced it, and when Swedish racer Ulf Norinder wanted to take it to the track, the rules at the time stipulated that it had to be painted in the Swedish national racing colors. This unique little bit of history is no doubt why the car has never been returned to its original red.

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We’ve even got a video of it on the track, and it’s every bit as amazing as you’d hope.